Life Groups
Our Purpose
Our hope and prayer is for you to find a community of believers to pray, have accountability, fellowship, and walk through the scriptures together. Jesus did not walk through life alone and He does not want that for us. We hope you find a home in a life group and continue to pursue Jesus together with brothers and sisters.
Our Program
Life groups meet every Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m. Each life group also has the option to meet at various places throughout the week. If you are interested in becoming part of a life group or have questions then please contact Jim Hodson.
Preschool & Nursery
Director – Lauran Fuller
Adult Division
Director – Philip Stephens
Children’s Division
Director – Jim Hodson
Youth Division
Director – Stuart Tilley
Chapel Class
Director – J.C. Curtis
Adult 1 (ages 20-35)
Director – Sandy Hammock
Adult 2 (ages 20-40)
Director – Tonnie Scott
Adult 3 (ages 65+)
Director – Don Glenn
Adult 4 (ages 55-70)
Director – Joe Barrett
Adult 5 (ages 45-65)
Director – Lynn Richards
Adult 6 (ages 45-65)
Director – Buddy Pierce
Adult 7 (ages 35-55)
Director – Kyle McLemore
Adult 8 (ages 40-55)
Director – Ladonna Earles
Adult 9 (ages 25-40)
Director – Landon Jestis
Adult 10 (ages 35-50)
Director – Jason & Corbi Manous
College Department
Director – Cole & Sarah Hughes
Singles 2 (ages 35+)
Director – Cindy Crow